BC9 Body Camera

Features Include

  • On-site Real-time Video & Audio Streaming

  • Dual Rotatable Camera

  • Push-to-Talk Over Cellular



  • NFC

  • Loud Audio

  • NFC / Bluetooth

    NFC and Bluetooth function modules bring more possibilities for extended use, like guard patrol and Time & attendance options.

  • Visualized Dispatching

    With 4G, it can provide a real-time monitor and control the on-site terminals.

  • Video Application

    It supports multichannel video pulling, silent monitoring, video conference, and live streaming.

  • GPS Positioning

    The map viewing, and GPS positioning in real-time enhance the work efficiency.

  • Multiple Audio Calls

    With the dispatcher, BC9 supports group call, full-duplex call, conference call, broadcast call, dynamic group assignment, priority call, forced disconnect, override and other functions.

  • Emergency Alarm

    The one-button design enables all the on-site information including real-time audio and video, location, terminal ID to be uploaded to the control center automatically.

  • System Architecture

    Could or exclusive server supports redundancy backup, data encryption, storage expansion and role-based control and user authorization for security.